This Delightful Strawberry Finch Exactly Resembles Strawberry Because Of Its Vibrant Red Colored Feathers

Strawberry Finch

There are millions of birds all around the world and all of them have some unique features, which make them delightful. Some have a fine combination of vibrant colors, some like a celestial body, and some like a fruit. Yes, this Strawberry Finch exactly resembles the strawberry fruit with a bright red top and red bill.

The Strawberry Finch or Red Avadavat is scientifically named the Amandava amandava.


This bird is most commonly found in the tropical regions of Asia. This sparrow-sized bird is also known as the Red Munia. It belongs to the Estrildidae family.

The Red Avadavat can easily be recognized because of its red bill and rounded black tail.


You’ll be amazed to learn that these birds were exported into the pet trade in the former times from Gujarat, India. Let’s know some amazing facts about the Red Munia.

What if it doesn’t look like a strawberry?

You may see a strawberry finch and it doesn’t look like a strawberry to you. Don’t be disappointed, it must not be the breeding season. When the male starts to look for a female partner then their dull and brown tones turn into a bright red color with some white spots all over their body, which appear like strawberry seeds.


Amandava amandava Strawberry Finch

Strawberry Finch mainly feeds on grass seeds but sometimes insects when available. 

They just love the grasslands and open fields. 

Meet the breeding or non-breeding male strawberry finch.

Strawberry Finch breeding and non-breeding


Most of the sides of the breeding male are red except for its black wings and black eye stripe. It also has white spots on the body and wing feathers. The non-breeding male is dull in color but the rump remains red. 

Meet the Female Strawberry Finch

Strawberry Finch male and female


The non-breeding female is duller with less white spotting on the feathers. 

During the breeding season, the females also have some changes in their appearance but instead of turning red as males, their upper body turns into a bright yellow-orange color. 


They are mostly spread in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan and are also found in parts of China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

The Red Avadavat is usually seen in the flocks.

Strawberry Finch flocks

They live in flocks and preen at each other to ruffle their heads in invitation.


You see them with a darker beak during winters, and it becomes red again in the warm weather.

They produce a low-distinctive call often during their flight.

Nature is splendid indeed. Every creature is beautiful in its way, and it is quite amazing to see them. This delightful Red Avadavat is one of those beauties. 

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