The African Emerald Cuckoo

Check Out The Sassy Look Of The African Emerald Cuckoo, A Bird With Metallic Green And Bright Yellow Attire

As humans slay with their vibrant colorful outfits, jewelry, and other stuff, birds are graced with their natural beauty. They don’t need any materialistic beauty to make their presence remarkable. They are naturally decorated by their striking feathers. Today we’re going to meet a bird that doesn’t take a minute to steal your heart with…

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The King Bird Of Paradise

Meet The King Bird Of Paradise, That Is Wrapped In Vivid Colors

Colorful birds always look wonderful and eye-catchy. Meet this King Bird-of-Paradise, which is wrapped in vivid colors and seems like the most pleasing sight.  The Kingbird of Paradise is a small multi-colored bird that is scientifically named the Cicinnurus Regius. It belongs to the family Paradisaeidae.  They are widely spread throughout the lowland forests of…

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